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About the Club

Welcome to the Webheath Digital Photography Club website. The Club was formed in January 2007 and exists to encourage the development of members’ photographic skills in a friendly and sociable atmosphere. Anyone with any interest in digital photography is encouraged to join, whether they are owners of compact cameras or the latest DSLRs, computer owners or not.


Speaker: Ian Thompson - Fakery in Photography

Guest speaker Ian Thompson's presentation is called "The Truth, the whole Truth and everything but the Truth" and examines the history of image manipulation since the birth of photography. It's not just something thats happened since Photoshop came along!

Commences at 7-45pm at the village hall. Doors open at 7-30pm

Speaker: Dave Maries - Motorsport Photography

Monday 16th January, guest Speaker Dave Maries will be talking about Motorsport Photography. Dave shoots at a number of events around the UK as an ofical photographer for the teams and organisers.

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