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About the Club

Welcome to the Webheath Digital Photography Club website. The Club was formed in January 2007 and exists to encourage the development of members’ photographic skills in a friendly and sociable atmosphere. Anyone with any interest in digital photography is encouraged to join, whether they are owners of compact cameras or the latest DSLRs, computer owners or not.


Webheath Digital Photo Club & St Stephen's Trophy Exhibition

The Grand Canal, Venice

From the 6th too the 8th of July there is an exhibition of photographs in Redditch's Kingfisjer centre. The pictures were all entered into this year's Webheath Digital Photography Club Exhibition & St Stephen's Trophy competition. 

The topic of the competition was the "Spirit of Redditch" - Thru the eyes of Redditch Photographers. The theme was designed to capture the thoughts, feelings and hearts of local photographers through the lenses of their cameras or phones. What do they see when looking at events and locations both in the town and on their travels? 

Assignment - Abstract or Blue - 09/07/18, 19:45

Please submit your photos based on your interpretation of  "Abstract" and / or "Blue"

The evening will be a combined technical evening and assignment review.  Please bring your cameras.

The first part of the evening will be technical, covering the following areas:

  • Lightroom / photoshop
  • Using your camera / camera settings
  • Lens calibration
  • A macro photography table
  • Advice on your images - composition, technique, editing / post processing. Please bring along any images you would like to discuss on print or a memory stick.

Show and Tell - Monday 2nd July, 7:45pm

A chance to show your photos from the photoshoots so far this year

Finding Beauty from the Benign - Verity Milligan

Monday May 14th, 7:30: A talk by Verity Milligan -

Upcoming Events

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