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About the Club

Welcome to the Webheath Digital Photography Club website. The Club was formed in January 2007 and exists to encourage the development of members’ photographic skills in a friendly and sociable atmosphere. Anyone with any interest in digital photography is encouraged to join, whether they are owners of compact cameras or the latest DSLRs, computer owners or not.


28th January - Assignment 1: Begins with a Vowel or Green

The assignment topic for tonight is "begins with a vowel" or Green. What that means is up to you. Please submit 4 images by the preceeding Saturday.

21st January - Technical Evening

A technical evening, please bring your cameras and questions. DetailsTBC

14th January - Speaker: Carl Wright - Getting Off of Auto

To start the New Year, Carl will be back with us talking on the topic of improving your control of your camera

Upcoming Events

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