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About the Club

Welcome to the Webheath Digital Photography Club website. The Club was formed in January 2007 and exists to encourage the development of members’ photographic skills in a friendly and sociable atmosphere. Anyone with any interest in digital photography is encouraged to join, whether they are owners of compact cameras or the latest DSLRs, computer owners or not.


Assignment - Chairman's Challenge - Perspective - 8th October

This week's assignment is the Chairman's Challenge. This year the topic is "Perspective". Interpret that as you choose!

Pictures need to be in by the 6th to the usual address

Practical evening - 1st October

The James Kerr talk has been postponed until October 29th. Instead we will have a competitive practical evening. Please bring your camera, speedlights, whatever you'd like!


Autumn Print Competition - September 17th

The second print competition of the year. Again, an open competition with an external judge.

Please submit your prints to Graeme Tozer by Monday 10th of September. With your set of prints please provide a list with your name and the title of each print. 

It may be possible to submit prints at a later date if you can provide the list of prints and titles by the 10th.

Technical Evening - 10th Spetember

 Please bring your camera and optionally a tripod and lighting if you have it. As usual there will be some tables for some practical photography exercises, the print mount cutter in case you need it, and computer-based post processing table. There will also be plenty of chances to ask about specific techniques. If there is anything you would really like covered please let me know in advance and I’ll see what we can do.

Upcoming Events

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