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Monthly Assignments

To submit images for assignments please use the following guidelines:

  • Ensure that your images have been sized to a maximum of 1400 pixels wide / 1050 pixels high
  • Use a resolution of at least 72 dpi
  • Use jpeg format
  • Give the image a filename that gives the order in which you want the images to appear and the title of the image. Also include your initials - in this example the name is Joe Bloggs. E.g. the first image, with the title "Seaside Sunset" should be given the filename "1 Seaside Sunset JB.jpg"
  • Email to no later than the dates specified either on the forum or at club meetings.


Assignments for 2018

These are subject to change so please check the Calendar of Events and/or the Forum for exact dates of the Assignment Nights and for submission of images.

  • January - Large / Small / Red
  • February - Secretary's Challenge: Composition
  • March - Light or Shadows
  • April - Street
  • June- Symmetry
  • July- Abstract / Red TBC
  • August - Creative / Blue
  • September - Townscapes / Blue TBC
  • October - TBC
  • October- Movement / ICM
  • November - Mono


Some Tips

When checking your own images or appraising others, it helps to consider the following:

  • Is the Exposure and Contrast correct
  • Is the intended Sharpness adequate
  • Is the Composition suitable and Cropped appropriately
  • Are there any background distractions
  • Does the image fully reflect the assignment brief
  • Is there a fair degree of creativity in the shot

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