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High Key Flower Photography

Recently I seem to have had quite a bit of time on my hands but with limited photographic opportunities! With access to a garden, I have always been interested in flower photography but have neglected it recently. I’m not so keen on “straight” flower photography so I decided to have a go at creating some high key images. I don’t think they will win me any competitions but its always good to try something different. Let me know what you think.

To start with I set up with a white card background, and illuminated it with a flash gun. I added fill-in flight with a constant LED light source and a reflector to light the flowers. The result was the bluebell photo.

After that I decided to purchase a LED light-box and try the transparent flower techniques of Harold Davis - Do have a look at some of his books or online videos and webinars. He explains things very well and produces some inspiring photography.

The images are created by arranging the flowers or petals on the lightbox and then exposing multiple images using a HDR process. I then hand-blended blended the images together in Photoshop to create the images shown here. Although the photographic process for these photos is complex and time consuming, by far the hardest and most creative part is creating the arrangement of the flowers. The images stand or fall on that alone. I’m still practicing and experimenting. How do you think I’ve done so far?


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